The GIC Advantage

At GIC Capital, we specialize in connecting people, projects and capital. Our seasoned partners have long-term business relationships which have resulted in Global partnership opportunities.

GIC focuses on strategic alliances in the infrastructure development sector. Mainly, in providing a better solution for governments than the current P3 model, demonstrating sustainable and predictable cash flows.


To assist and collaborate with Governments, helping develop key infrastructure by providing simple financing and operating solutions.


  • Low Cost Housing – Single & Multiple Dwelling Developments
  • Transportation – Highway, Infrastructure Roadways, Train & Bridges
  • Water – Desalination, Dams and Agriculture
  • Energy – solar, wind, hydro dam & bio plants
  • Ports – Deep water ports, Airport Terminals
  • Health – Primary & Tertiary Care Facilities


At GIC, we understand that Governments do not always possess the financial capacity to supply the often very large amounts of capital required for infrastructure projects. Since infrastructure project cash flows are mostly in local currency, P3 or the current international investment models face additional risks.

Even though there has been greater consistency in global infrastructure financing, Countries have seen a negative impact on their National Debt Load. The GIC alternative offers a stable and much more favourable solution.