GIC Services

Investment Banking Services

At GIC Capital we have the breadth and depth to facilitate your financing needs.

Be it small ($100,000 to $500,000) medium ($500,000 to $50,000,000) or large size financing ($50,000,000, to $500,000,000), we have instruments for you.

For small and medium financing across Canada, our banking partner can facilitate your requirements. Our online process is the starting point for determining your financial needs. Please fill out this form and submit your application here.

For your large financing needs globally, please contact us directly and we will give you access to our Private Financing vehicles.

Business Financial Health Check

If your business is growing, our financial health check will determine the right ratio between debt and equity and determine the best financial vehicle for your business. Let us know what your interests are.

Real Estate Development and Financing

We consult on all areas of Real Estate development from land acquisition and syndication all the way to selling and end user product. All forms of debt or equity are considered and project size is no challenge. Contact us with your project details today!